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Study and hesed 

The members of Zion are constantly working to deepen the language of

Hesed, Loving-kindness, and Torah in Jerusalem.

Join us and we welcome your participation in current activities and initiatives for innovative and diverse new ones.

Adopting young asylum seekers

Accompanying youth in the civil service in Jerusalem in cooperation with the National Association for Volunteering

Beit Midrash for good  neighbors

Arabic courses for children and adults once a week

Caring Committee

Accompanying community members in times of joy and sorrow


Reading Torah and Haftorah on Shabbat and Holidays

Beit Midrash for torah and life

Weekly Torah Study Group

Welcoming Shabbat

Host Shabbat once a month for Lone Soldiers, Asylum Seekers, and National Service Volunteers

multi-faith beit midrash

Monthly Torah Study לימוד תנ"ך with the Hebrew Speaking Catholic Community of the Old City

Jerusalem's Generous Boutique is a second-hand clothing store that brings together the three religions and all parts of the city run by Kehilat Zion and Jerusalem's YMCA

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