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Kehilat Zion invests a lot of energy and thought in strengthening community ties and life, and conducts regular social activities and gatherings alongside our annual Shabbat and holiday meetings.

In addition, Zion initiates and participates in many activities in Jerusalem's public sphere.


A joint House of Prayer for all Believers in partnership with Jerusalem Season of Culture

All of the pain and all of the love

Transition Ceremony for Israel's Independence Day and celebration of Zion's birthday

The light is in our hands

Multi-faith Hanukkah lighting in Jerusalem's public sphere in partnership with Tag Meir

A prayer for the soul

Jerusalemite joint prayer in the public sphere, in preparation for the High Holidays and in cooperation with Rabbi Benny Lau and Ginot Hair center


Children and Family gathering with families from West and East Jerusalem before the new school year in partnership with the YMCA and Kids for Peace


Multi-faith Prayer for Jerusalem's future on Jerusalem Day

From Lamenting to rising

Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony 

"Ach sameach"

spreading merriment

Holiday songs and Mishloach Manot with Beit Mozes Nursing Home

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