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The Zion Community is led by staff and lay-leadership
You are welcome to join us and lead something that speaks to you.

Alice Festival_edited.jpg

prof' Alice Shalvi z"l

Founding President

Tamar Official HQ_edited.jpg

Rabbi Tamar Elad Appelbaum

Founding Rabbi

Leah Solomon Headshot (1)_edited.jpg

Leah Solomon

Board Chair

JCF _ 3-7-2018 _ by Elad Malka-26706_edited.jpg

Nerya Refael Knafo

Executive Director


Itzik Pashkus

Director of Finance

יהלה 2020_edited.jpg

Yahala Lachmish

Head of Prayer


Dana Nahum

Head of Community

עותק של FF4A6575_edited.jpg

Hadass Pal-Yarden



Akiva Sygal


1583-04_a__f12_jft_143 (8) (1)_edited.jpg

Shani Ben-Or

Project Manager


Adenhom Alama



Yoni Zierler

Head of Education

Board members

Amit Poni-Kronish | Annie Kantar Ben-Hillel | Bill Berk | Chen Deri | Jean-Marc Liling | Talya Miron-Shatz | Yael Assor | Yehuda Cohen | Zach Harris |  Chair - Leah Solomon

Executive Board, 2022 (in alphabetical order)

Professor Alice Shalvi, President

Heftzi Zion-Mozes, Chairperson

Yehuda Cohen, Treasurer

Rabbi Bill Berk | Devora Greenberg | Miri Lowenberg | Jean-Marc Liling | Ilana Nelson |

Michal Shahak | Dena Scher

Rachel Carlin and Itzik Ga’ash, Audit Committee

Members of the executive board serve as committee heads and lead initiatives and processes in the community. If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Heftzi, chairperson

community committees 

Membership Committee - Membership in Zion is at the core of the community and the committee ensures a pleasant, inviting and inclusive membership process. For details, please contact Devora Greenberg, Head of the Membership Committee:

Committee for Assisting Asylum Seekers:

Yael Dover:

Jean-Marc Liling:

Rachel Shlomit Brezis:

Michael Fagenblat:

Family and Education Committee: Activities for parents and children, our Bar/Bat Mitzvah group, and for families throughout the year. For details, please contact Ariella Poni Kronish, Head of Family and Education Committee:

The Blue Door: Our second-hand clothing store initiative run by Muslim, Christian and Jewish volunteers, in conjunction with the Jerusalem YMCA, with proceeds going to disadvantaged families from the three communities. Please contact the initiative’s leaders to volunteer and/or donate clothes: Ilana Nelson, Renee Goutmann

Kindness Committee: Providing support for community members during milestones and lifecycle events.


You are invited to join our members: Oreit Angel, Annie Ben Hillel, Danny Weininger, Hanoch Robinson, Miriam Mann, Naomi Raz, Nerya Refael Knafo, Sylvie Rosenbaum, Rachel Goldberg, Rachel Shlomit Brezis, Renee Goutmann, Sasha Shlomtzion Leshem and Rabbi Tamar.

For details, please contact Dana, Head of Community and Education:

Solidarity Fund Committee: Providing discrete financial support to community members in need of support during the pandemic. Our members: Rabbi Leon Morris, Steven Laufer, Dafna Baraban and Rabbi Tamar. For details, please contact Rabbi Leon Morris, Committee Chairman:

Mutual Responsibility Committee: Strengthening bonds between members of the community.

For details, please contact Co-Heads Sara Miriam Liben or Leah Solomon

Resource Development Committee: Supporting fundraising efforts for the community. Please contact Committee Head Dena Scher if you are interested in offering your expertise and help:

Welcoming Committee: Welcoming individuals and groups attending services at Zion. For details, please contact Dana Nahum, Head of Community and Education.


Torah reading and gabbai service: Are you interested in serving as gabbai/t or reading Torah and Haftara? Or learning to do so? Please contact Nerya Refael Knafo.

We need you -- choose something to be a part of and join a committee!


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